Arc supports K-12 schools and STEM education

David Marcus
Published on: 
Sunday, April 7, 2019

Arc supports schools, educators and students

Arc is pleased to partner with USGBC’s Center for Green Schools to provide data-driven tools for K-12 teachers, students, school facility staff and district managers.

These new tools turn schools into living laboratory where students can learn about science, technology, and mathematics concepts and collect, analyze, and score data about their school building.

This partnership supports the Center’s long-standing mission to provide green schools for all within this generation. This includes providing students will high quality, relevant environmental and sustainability education.

Start exploring Arc yourself to see how it can support your goals.

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Any K-12 school can use Arc today

Arc is available for any schools!

  1. LEED schools are already in Arc, and they have full access for free.
  2. Any school – LEED or not – can get started in Arc today and take advantage of a 90-day free demo to track and score energy, water, and waste.

Claiming your U.S.-based school in Arc is as simple as typing its name in our platform.

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By tracking green building performance, students can understand how green buildings impact their health and the environment, increase their sustainability literacy and find new ways to help reduce their school’s negative environmental impacts. Whether for a single school building or entire district, tracking green building performance helps you:

  • Establish, track, and communicate sustainability goals;
  • Identify areas for improvement;
  • Engage students in data collection and analysis;
  • Prepare for green building certification.
  • Much more!

Building Learners turns classrooms into learning laboratories

The Center for Green Schools “Building Learners” program provides educational resources to turn classrooms into learning labs. The Building Learners program is offered through the Learning Lab platform. The program helps teachers and students to use Arc to measure school’s performance, access professional training, and improve student understanding of sustainability by building STEAM skills and preparing students for 21st century careers.

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Learn more about how Arc is supporting district-wide sustainability goals.