Arc Integration Partner: arbnco

Based in Glasgow, UK and Detroit, Michigan, arbnco is a building performance software company helping businesses to measure, analyze and improve energy efficiency and Indoor Environmental Quality, which makes for healthier buildings and occupants.

Arc and arbnco share a philosophy of putting people at the heart of building performance. Using human-centric sensing and interactive engagement tools, arbnco’s Indoor Environmental Quality monitoring platform provides:

  • Sensors for continuous and high-resolution monitoring of air quality and thermal comfort
  • Occupant engagement tools to collect feedback and survey data
  • Dashboard for centralized management, automated alerts and real-time visualization
  • Data analytics and reporting to inform building optimization
  • Building controls for integration with Niagara, BACnet and other protocols


Building managers and owners use the data generated by the IEQ platform to ensure a healthier, happier and more productive environment; increase operational efficiency; and meet LEED v4.1 O+M and recertification requirements.

The one-click integration between the arbnco and Arc platforms makes it easy to automate the flow of high-quality data into Arc, saving manual data entry and updates.

Find out more about the Arc-arbnco Human Experience bundle here.

For further information, contact the below:

  • Contact Details: Global Wendy Gumb, Director of Sales
  • Email:
  • Phone: (313) 326-3006 (US)
                +44 (0) 141 559 7130 (UK)
  • Twitter: @arbnco
  • LinkedIn: arbnco